Mind Core Body Program Supercharges Weight Loss And Wellness

We’ve had the pleasure of helping many people fix their injuries and pain. But we really want to help people pursue all of their wellness goals, which include living pain free, being physically fit, and losing weight.

Our Mind Core Body Nutritional Wellness and Fitness Training program provides nutritional wellness coaching in addition to Pilates training. The 13-week program, is set to run from Tues. April 4th through Tues. June 27th, 2017.

The nutritional wellness portion, IN.FORM, teaches students how to nourish their bodies in the unique ways that best help them function. By eating right, participants have found improvements in their waistlines and other “biomarkers,” and others have experienced fewer food allergies and improved management of autoimmune disorders. By adding strength training and muscle toning through Pilates, participants can supercharge the benefits of the IN.FORM program.

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