In-Home Outpatient Physical Therapy Services

Many use their Medicare Part A benefits after a rehab stay and for continued therapy at home, but what happens when these benefits run out? Did you know that Medicare Part B will pay for therapy as an outpatient option?

Extended physical therapy, covered by Medicare Part B and supplemental insurance, is available to you, even if you need these services in your home.

There are many reasons that you may qualify for physical therapy services in your home. It will be based on your level of function. There are several ways to qualify. Reasons may include, but are not limited to, surgeries such as joint replacements, arthritis, gait difficulty or balance deficits, which may increase one’s risk of falls. Additionally, if you are having trouble with weight bearing activities including walking, transfers, pivoting or stairs, you may be a candidate.

As physical therapists, we are taking charge here at Be Fit Physical Therapy & Pilates as the leaders in treatment of balance and gait disturbances, as well as orthopedic conditions. If you have these medical issues, you could be eligible for these benefits.

Let us help you lead a more confident, active, and safe lifestyle. Call us and we will take you through the process.